Company development

1990 in November foundation of the engineer's office Kramski (IBK)
main focus Distribution and Support of software CAD on the base
of AutoCAD  

1992 move to Müllose in the Biegener street 1 

1994 transfer of the place of business to Beeskow and foundation of the office community junk ski (engineer's office and architecture office) 

1994 beginning more only of programmings close to user for AutoCAD with AutoLisp

1995 strategical decision for Windows NT 3.5 as network operating system 

1995 full-support of middle-class companies 

1998 move of the office community after garbage rose in the current place of business Mixdorfer street 4 

1999 removal of the software development, 1-st applications in C ++ in 2000 beginning software development for Internet solutions 

2003 renaming in CONSOLIDES respectable IT consulting 

2005 admission of Open Source solutions in the Support

2007 selection of open source Enterprise CMS Typo3 as Internet platform