Experience do by

As a specialist in the AutoCAD area we can fall back on 16-year-old experience.

Special consultation competence has originated from the application of the programs in the neighbouring architecture office to actual necessities. Therefore, we can consult independently what must perform the software really to be enough for your requirements. That's why we have also breaked off all distribution arrangements with manufacturers. 

Therefore an independent consultation is possible


AutoCAD competence is the quintessential point of our company philosophy. We look after the industrial standard AutoCAD already from 1990 in the version AutoCAD 12. Thereby we are to be carried out in the position consultation especially close to user and also trainings.

The trainings contain therefore also elements of the management consultancy.

AutoCAD dimensioning ABEM

Because the dimensioning implemented in AutoCAD must be enough for ALL requirements, this is to be used awkwardly. Therefore, we have resolved to program own intelligent dimensioning as an application tool to AutoCAD. Thus originated the software  ABEM . (Download Demo)

The most essential functions are exponents adjustable point there and remove update function-cutline dimensioning for EXECUTION PLANNING GERMAN INSTITUTE FOR STANDARDIZATION fair (Germany)


AutoCAD LT as a LowCost variation is a full AutoCAD.

Not possibly is the binding of applications (VBA and arx programming) and 3D functions.


it is compatible 100% AutoCAD and the alternative to AutoCAD supports meanwhile BRICS-CAD many applications.

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